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In this case, it may be that the most important aspect is what you don't notice! Take the Hand-piece at NYDC for example.
Although it is one of the most important tools in the dental clinic, most people can't bear "that" rasping sound and whining drill, and hesitate to visit the dentists.
Considering this, NYDC selected the sound-muffling type of Hand Piece--so please bring small children at ease!
They may change their attitude toward the dentists!!

"Hand Piece exchange one by one" is also a feature of NYDC.
Since the hand piece is put into the mouth directly, we use a freshly sterilized one each time.
Sterilization equipment is readied according to what instruments are to be used.
Furthermore, NYDC is one of the only locations in Okinawa to use special equipment, called "waterline" for this sterilization process.
The Owner and sole dentist of NYDC have studied for two years in the United States, thought of as the advanced nation in dentistry, and NYDC will always adhere to these high standards of hygiene.

Your waiting time is cut down remarkably by an all-digitalized operating system.
Also, at NYDC we use a process involving digital cameras for roentgenogram (the X-ray photograph), which decreases the amount of radiation to one seventh of that in the general method.
You may take the examination much more peacefully than before.
Those who receive Implant surgery can obtain CT photography, in cooperation with the Heartful Clinic, which thoroughly investigates the form and hardness of the jawbone and nervous system.
Thereby, exact examination and simulation is possible in micron units.

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