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Privacy Policy

NY Dental Clinic will take extra care, maintain deliberately, and protect privacy of User.

NY Dental Clinic will not disclose, sell, rent, distribute, and provide personal data registered, to the third party in the absence of approval.

NY Dental Clinic will take security measures at suitable and reasonable level, not to lose, mislead and alter personal data resulting from the outside-false access.

Personal data NY Dental Clinic holds may be disclosed for lawful purpose only, accordance with applicable laws, court order, without prior consent of such person.

Intellectual Property Right

All contents (information, images, text, diagram, sound, programs, and other material) displayed, available on this Website, including any intellectual property rights are the property of NY Dental Clinic or the designated owner and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

User of this Website may use this Website and print copies of the Content for only the intended purposes of this Website, so long as User complies with these terms and conditions and applicable laws.
No person may reproduce, alter, upload, display, transmit, sell, license, publish, distribute, modify or use all or part of this Website or the Content, beyond the extent to expressly approved herein, without the prior written permission of NY Dental Clinic.

User is prohibited to remove or modify any intellectual property right or related proprietary notice contained in this Website.

User is prohibited to do the following actions, even if User use information on this Website within the extent to approved herein.

  1. Action that infringes or may infringe property or privacy of NY Dental Clinic or the third party
  2. Action that causes or may cause damages or losses to NY Dental Clinic or the third party
  3. Action that tarnishes or may tarnish, or bring or may bring disgrace on NY Dental Clinic and on the third party
  4. Action that promote or may promote any illegal activity
  5. Action that NY Dental Clinic judges as inappropriate
  6. False notification or false declaration, such as registering someone's e-mail address
  7. Provide or could lead to provide computer-virus resulting from usage harmful program
  8. Action that is offensive to public order and morals

NY Dental Clinic will not provide any right to use of or to license its copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property rights in connection with this Website.


User agrees to use this Website and the Contents at its own risk.

This Website and its Content are provided on an "as is" basis and updated if at all possible.
However, NY Dental Clinic may not guarantee it as the latest information.

NY Dental Clinic may in its discretion modify, suspend, restrict access to or terminate its content in this Website without liability or prior to notice.

NY Dental Clinic may in its discretion modify, suspend or terminate its content in this Website or URL without liability or prior to notice.

NY Dental Clinic will not be liable for any damages or losses, including direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages and lost profits, resulting from with use, or not use of this Website, its Content.

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