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Do you want good teeth alignment?

If you are hesitant to laugh with an open mouth in front of your friends, and always hide behind your hand, because you are ashamed of teeth, your expression may be thought of as somber- and your personality as well.
When teeth alignment is bad, or the rows don't meet each other, the beauty of your appearance is not only spoiled, but you also have the following detriments in respect to your health.

  • easy to get cavities, since there are portions the tooth brush can't reach
  • easy for factors which cause mouth problems, such as gum disease and gingivitis
  • tendency to irritate the digestive system from not chewing food correctly
  • the face line is distorted because of an underdeveloped jaw
  • easy for factors which cause stiff back and neck, eyestrain, headache, etc--resulting from continuous lopsided chewing
  • pronunciation tends to be unclear and inconvenient for the study of foreign languages

The Orthodontics can remove these problems, and help you have a healthy and charming smile as well.

Implant dentistry

Want to regain a lost tooth?

A lost permanent tooth can't grow again, unfortunately.
However, you shouldn't give up hope! There is a new method called "Implanting", which brings you new teeth that have same feeling, as your other teeth.
This is fitting for people who hesitate to have artificial teeth or bridges.
We recommend the Implant dentistry if you want to enjoy conversations and meals naturally, if you want to regain a youthful mouth and healthy teeth, and if you want to be released from the unpleasantness of false teeth.

What is Implant?
(fig) It is the method of placing a bolt-like artificial root into the portion that has been lost, as the foundation, and then attaching an artificial tooth to it.
It is called "a second permanent tooth" and can be used like a real tooth.
The methods of equipping a bridge or false teeth have long been generally used until this new method was developed.
Many people were not satisfied with wearing false teeth because they weren't stabilized well and, as a result, had difficulty biting hard things.
Many people also hesitated using a bridge because it was necessary to whittle the healthy tooth next to the lost portion.
Implant dentistry is the new way to overcome these faults.
It already has the reputation for the power of bite and the durability almost equal to the original tooth.
It is expected to become the main cure for the tooth loss in the world, and will soon replace false tooth and bridges.

Cosmetic dentistry

Want to have snow-white teeth like the entertainers?

A person with snow-white teeth is attractive--both men and women.
He or she will give a good impression to a person they are meeting for the first time.
But it is difficult to get pure white teeth in usual care.
We recommend the methods "Whitening" and " Bleaching" for teeth colored by age, coffee, or tobacco.
Also, there are several ways to create white teeth by attaching a ceramic on the surface of the tooth, like nail care.
Moreover, a method using a ceramic inlay is recommended to people who have had fillings of gold or silver for cavity treatment.

General dentistly

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